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Hi, I am Sai Geetha

With over 20 years of experience in the Software Industry, having worked across a wide range of Technologies, I am here to share with you my thoughts, knowledge and experience in the Big Data Engineering field and a closely associated Data Science Field


My Story


I started off as a Software Engineer coming into the industry after a double Post graduation in Physics and Electronics, based on the lure of software development opening many possiblities that were unheard of, till then! 

Anything new and opening hitherto-unseen-possibilities lured me always and I explored and innovatively adapted to solve several business problems. Starting from 'Enterprise Java Beans' in the early 2000s in the Java world - which was an early forms of software code containerisation and deployment, I moved on to mobile development along with micro service architectures supporting it from the backend. In recent years I embraced Big Data Development and the latest being Data Science, I have pioneered the use of these in large enterprises, traversed the untrodden path and lead the way where there was none. 

During my years int he software industry, I have worked with clients across UK, USA, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Hongkong

I have worked with iGate, Planetasia, Wipro Technologies, GCI Solutions, Collabera and currently at Tesco

Industry Awards

Retail Week Awards that is the Gold Standard for Awards in the Retail Industry, UK shortlisted my Mobile Framework for Awards in the category of "Mobile Technology of the Year" in 2014

A Framework code-name "CCube" that addressed the cross cutting concerns of Cross Device form factors,  Cross Countries and Cross OSes, standardising development efforts, end user experience and maintainability, adding directly to the bottom line of the company, was my brain child and was a roaring success in delivering its benefits.


CCube Logo


My Early Android Blog

You may view my Android Blog - written in very early Android days to help the android community with simplicity and provide and easy jump start to Android Development:

Sai Geetha's Android Blog

This was chosen as one of the top 50 Android blogs by "Boston Business Journal" in 2014:  Can view the ranking here

NOTE: I am not active on Android Blog currently 




Gold Medals Won!!!

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